Services we are providing

Join thousands of our contented users and simplify the experience of online payments for your customers.


Processing engine

Gain access to attain advanced operational efficiency with each transaction and high success rates.


Payment flows

Simple redirections and smooth payment flow create a seamless user experience by catering to all customer needs.


Risk assessment engine

Highly efficient and robust risk management system to ensure 100% secure transaction every time by eliminating hazards and risk factors.


Control Centre

Centralised management of all tasks and transactions for improving business performance and convenience.


Incredible infrastructure

With easy to customize templates choose your customized payment page for different customers and vendors.

Your first choice for payment

We understand that e-commerce is not just being online but is also about being found and accessible. Thus, Pay Instant has designed all its features with the motto “to make e-commerce simple and easy”.

Every business demands a trustworthy payment gateway partner to thrive in the online world. They need a payment gateway that is quick, safe, easy and convenient.

If you are one of those businesses, looking for a payment gateway partner, then thank the stars - because that’s what we offer at Pay Instant, you’re at the right place!

We at Pay Instant offer an array of features and services for our customers to cater for their business needs. However, we never compromise on our ‘core features’ which includes,

  • check Processing engine
  • checkPayment flows
  • check Risk assessment engine
  • checkControl Centre
  • checkIncredible Infrastructure

Pay Instant’s features provide the best infrastructure that your business needs to take up digital payments with ease. Our robust payment gateway enables you to expand your customer base and extend your geographies.

Pay Instant empowers your customers to make payments at any time, from anywhere as per their convenience, making life simple.


Looking for a payment partner to grow revenue & enhance profitability?